Pictorial Supplement

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  Climbing Billie Goat Trail near Great Falls

  At Great Falls. Marcel, Pasha, Jamie,
Maise, Kurt, Cathy, Mark, Taya, John

  Kurt, Eden, Jack, Henry, Andrew in Eden

  Kurt, rickshaw driver to Henry and Jack at Gulchleigh

  Jane's 106th Birthday. Maise, Hunt, Dee,
Jane, Jan Keener, Kurt, Barbara

  Tanya with George the killer dog

  At theAnnapolis Premiere of Tanya's Film
Kurt, Nancy, Doug, Maise Ed, Linda


After-film recovery, thankful to be alive
Maise, Nancy, Laura, Ed, Doug, Doug, Linda

  Park City skiing: Kurt, Maise, Linda, Ed, Bonny

  College roommates Kurt & Jack, with Rosemary

  Ice cream social: Pat Edwards, Connie Ramirez, Bill Douglas

  Jane and Kurt at the scene of the crime
(Kurt was born here, at Stonewall Jackson's house)

  We have a cherry tree in our front yard. Yummy!

  Maise and Kurt, high in the Swiss Alps above Grindelwald

  Maise is fearless

  Kurt & Maise, heading off toward the Gletscher

  Maise after climbing the glacier, refueling

  Kurt, missing Lexi, teams up with a substitute

  Maise is in her element in Grindelwald

  Maise on a web at Gletscherschlucht Grindelwald,
overhanging roaring & deadly glacier melt

  Maise on the Glacier Express, Switzerland to Italy

  Kurt in Bellagio on Lago di Como

  Maise and Kurt on Lago di Lugano

  Maise contemplating the view of Lugano

  Karel, Doris, Maise, and Kurt above Lugano

  Maise on the trail beside Lago di Lugano

  Kurt on the trail beside Lago di Lugano

  Doris, Kurt, Maise and Karel at an amazing lakeside dinner

  Senator-elect Chris van Hollen and Kurt

  Ed, Laura, Doug, and Linda burn their stinky socks

  Maise and Lexi, rafted up with friends on the Rhode River

  Tanya and Kurt, our voyage to St. Michaels

  Eastport Oyster Boys, holding forth in Shaw Bay
Lexi, kids in the water, and dinghies all around

  Jane takes a breather under Tanya's watchful eye

  Eden and Henry at Gulchleigh

  Jane at Gulchleigh with Maise & Kurt

  Jane toasts the throngs of people surrounding her