Severn Summit

Meeting Venue, Sherwood Forest

“Together for Results”

Monday 30 September 2019       Sherwood Forest Clubhouse, 134 Sherwood Forest Rd

All participating organizations are encouraged to post this meeting summary on their web and social media pages.

This was the first meeting of organizations working in for the protection of the Severn River Watershed to discuss topics with specific emphasis on the Severn River, its tributaries, and the watersheds of each.

It improves collaboration among Severn River organizations, building enthusiasm among individuals who desire to take on more active roles in those organizations. During and after the meeting, several participants voiced a desire to reconvene periodically.

Leading organizations and individuals working to protect and restore important environmental attributes of the Severn River watershed, met to share information on:

      • Objectives
      • Successes
      • Challenges and disappointments
      • Plans, needs, and opportunities for collaboration with others attending.


Introduction                                              Kurt Riegel and Dan Mellin
Severn River Commission                   Sara Phillips
Spa Creek Conservancy                         Amy Clements
Severn River Association                      David Barker
Severn Riverkeeper                                 Sara Caldes
Watershed Stewards Academy           Joshua Clark
Break, conversation
Maryland Grows Oysters (Severn)    Bob Whitcomb
City of Annapolis                                       Rob Savidge, Jacqueline Guild
Individuals                                                   Dick Spencer, John Butler, Jack Turner
Open Discussion, all participants

Meeting objectives also included achieving better coordination among Severn River groups and building enthusiasm among individuals whether already involved or interested prospectively

The meeting and venue preparations were organized by Kurt Riegel and Dan Mellin, for the Severn River Commission and Severn River Association respectively.

Severn River Commission Members Present:
Sara Phillips, Acting Chair
Kurt Riegel, Acting Vice Chair
Claudia Donegan, MD DNR (Ex Officio)
Ald. Rob Savidge, City Council (Ex Officio)
Dick Spencer
Bob Whitcomb
Staff: Leisa Buschell-Monk, AACo. DPW


Dan Mellin and Kurt Riegel delivered the meeting introduction.

Severn River Commission

Sara Phillips, Acting Chair, introduced the SRC members, discussed objectives, the mission statement, recent successes (NDZ/Living Shorelines), and internal & external challenges

Kurt Riegel, Acting Vice-Chair, discussed the unique qualities of the SRC (focused on single watershed due to the Severn River’s scenic river designation), and invited new members to fill current/future vacancies.

Severn River Commission  (power point file)

Severn River Commission  (PDF file)

Spa Creek Conservancy

Amy Clements delivered a presentation about the Spa Creek Watershed, discussed projects & resulting environmental improvement, as well as goals, future projects, and water quality testing.

SpaCreek  (power point file)
SpaCreek  (PDF file)

Severn River Association

David Barker introduced the board of directors of the SRA, discussed the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act, and Gems of the Severn.

Jeff Schomig discussed challenges, advocacy, and public water access.

Severn Riverkeeper

Sara Caldes, Severn Riverkeeper

Introduced and discussed the interests of the Riverkeeper and the Riverkeeper Association. Addressing stormwater runoff is the main priority, as well as algae blooms, shallow water dead zones, water quality monitoring, shoreline erosion, living shorelines. Caldes then discussed current and completed projects, and recent environmental studies.

SRK Severn Summit2019  (power point file)
SRK Severn Summit2019   (PDF file)

Watershed Stewards Academy

Joshua Clark introduced the organization, discussed engaging community leaders, developing solutions to residential runoff, community assessment, how to engage residents & coordinate community action, the 250 active Watershed Stewards in Anne Arundel County who have installed approximately 2300 projects, focus on community service, and living shorelines.

WatershedStewards   (power point file)
WatershedStewards   (PDF file)

City of Annapolis

Ald. Rob Savidge discussed creating a Department of the Environment for the City of Annapolis, as well as legislation, sediment control, stormwater management, and potential joint projects with the county in overlapping areas. Brewer Cemetery, Brewer Hill and Brewer Pond were also discussed.

Maryland Grows Oysters

Bob Whitcomb gave a presentation about the Oyster Recovery Partnership.

SRA-MarylandGrowsOysters   (power point file)
SRA-MarylandGrowsOysters   (PDF file)


Dick Spencer of SRA discussed bioswales and nutrient run-off. John Butler of the Eastport Yacht Club Environmental Committee spoke about promoting watershed stewardship and the yacht club’s participation in Maryland Grows Oysters.

Open Discussion

Jack Turner suggested streamlining the water quality testing process and sharing data amongst the watershed groups.

A resident and Nina Fisher spoke about the Scenic Rivers Land Trust and a 129 acre property for sale. In response, Kurt Riegel and Sara Phillips discussed governmental land use and forest conservation.

The power point presentations are repeated below:

Severn River Commission  (power point file)
Severn River Commission  (PDF file)
SpaCreek  (power point file)
SpaCreek  (PDF file)
SRK Severn Summit2019  (power point file)
SRK Severn Summit2019   (PDF file)
WatershedStewards   (power point file)
WatershedStewards   (PDF file)
SRA-MarylandGrowsOysters   (power point file)
SRA-MarylandGrowsOysters   (PDF file)

No attendance record was created unfortunately. The list below is those that preregistered and includes many who attended and participated.

All participating organizations are encouraged to post this meeting summary on their web and social media pages.

Name Email Telephone number
AJ Metcalf 401-744-0212
Amy Clements 410-260-3322
Bob Whitcomb 410-849-3072
Cat Rentz 202-329-1029
Catherine Brasher 410-849-8044
Claudia Donegan 410-260-8768
Donita Peris 443-433-8482
Donna Jefferson 410-353-6603
Jack Turner 410-533-9328
Jackie Guild 410-353-7573
Jeff Schomig
John Gregory 202-369-5721
Joshua Clark 410-222-3831
Joyce Rosencranz 410-923-2778
Kathryn T Von Rueden 410-849-8193
Kurt Riegel 410-507-2999
lee meadows lee.meadows@comcast.ner 410-849-3466
Lex Birney 410-991-5452
Linda Curry 410-421-8075
Lisa Bender 410-544-4874
Lynne Rockenbauch 410-987-6042
Matthew Korbelak 410-903-5088
Richard Spencer 443-995-5560
Scott Blackketter 410-923-3111
Shannon Lyons 301-377-8836
Tammy Domanski 443-994-9236
Ted Delaplaine 410-707-3407
Thomas Guay 443-569-3556
Tom Guay 443-716-6776
Travis Ostrom 804-931-9992
Zoe Johnson 410-293-1084