Kurt Riegel for Alderman: How to Support the Campaign

We will be holding events in Ward 2 to meet the candidate and discuss issues of concern to constituents. You are cordially invited to participate in any event listed on the Calendar page. Please contact me for more information on how to become involved, for example by hosting meet-and-greet gatherings, and in other ways that support the campaign.

You can help to reach voters in Ward 2 by contributing financially to the campaign. Your support is needed for essential voter information materials, transportation for voters having difficulty getting to a polling place, campaign signs, voter data, and other direct campaign expenses.

Or send a check payable to Friends of Kurt Riegel to
Bryan Barrett, Treasurer
607 Monterey Ave
Annapolis MD 21401


KurtRiegel@gmail.com       307A Monterey Ave, Annapolis 21401     Cell 410.507.2999
                                                        ( Authority Bryan Barrett, Treasurer, Friends of Kurt Riegel )