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Sunday, Oct. 29th 4:30 - 6:00 pm  Ginger Woolrige (410.280.6464)
207 Wardour Dr

Monday, Oct. 30th, 5:30 - 7:00pm    Liz and Bryan Barrett (607 Monterey 410.263.9191) 

Thursday, Nov 2nd, 6 -7:30pm Lisa Rodvien (219 Farragut 240.441.2674  and Gale Morse) 

Friday, Nov 3rd, 5:30 - 6:30pm  Lisa Pline (with possible assistance ) Lisa@teamPline.org 443-994.7203

Sat., Nov 4th, 5 -7;00pm Chrissy and Art Holt ( 8 Fisk Circle 443. 271.4835)

Tuesday November 7, 2017
Annapolis General Election.


Ward 2 residents need stronger voice, OpEd published in the Capital Gazette November 19, 2017, and here's a PDF version.

Endorsement, Sen. Chris Van Hollen. Kurt is honored to have received this endorsement in his campaign for Annapolis City Council. Sen. Van Hollen wrote, "I am pleased to endorse Kurt Riegel for Annapolis City Council. His professional expertise and record of positive civic engagement are great assets for government to draw on. Excellence at the local level is essential to those of us who work at the national level, and Kurt brings wisdom and experience that will serve Annapolis and Maryland well."

Endorsement: Sen. Gerald Winegrad, Former State Senator, an environmental champion who represented us for 16 years in the Maryland General Assembly. Sen. Winegrad wrote, "You have an opportunity to elect a dedicated, smart, caring, and motivated new Alderman for your Ward—Kurt Riegel.  Kurt will be an excellent public servant and has years of both work experience and community service. He was President of the Severn River Association and has worked with me on environmental issues that would clean-up Weems Creek, the Severn, and the Bay. Kurt would be a strong advocate for you and your family to improve our quality of life and protect our natural heritage by protecting our environment and our forests and the Bay and assuring our schools and roads are not overcrowded from more overdevelopment.  He has joined the fight in opposing the massive Crystal Spring development that would destroy 40 acres of forest and add more traffic to Forest Drive.  He is superbly qualified to be your Alderman."

Endorsement, Rep. John Sarbanes: Kurt is honored to receive the endorsement by Congressman John Sarbanes in his campaign for Annapolis City Council. ""Kurt Riegel has been an environmental champion throughout his entire career. As President of the Severn River Association, he worked to preserve and protect critical parts of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Annapolis will benefit greatly by having someone with Kurt's experience, knowledge and community dedication serving in elected office. I am excited about what he can do to help improve the qualify of life for all the residents of Annapolis."

Maryland Chapter of the Sierra Club. Kurt is grateful to receive this endorsement in his campaign for Annapolis City Council. The conservation work done by this organization is important and substantial.

AFSCME Maryland Council 67 announced its endorsment with, "“Kurt Riegel is committed to government efficiency and effectiveness. He is honored to have the support of AFSCME as we work together for excellence and quality working relationships that mutually benefit the public, the City of Annapolis, and its employees."

Here is Kurt's interview on John Frenaye's Maryland Crabs podcast. John is doing a great job shining light on the candidates so voters can make the best choice.

A wonderful Meet and Greet Fundraiser was held August at the Edwards home on the Severn River. Kurt’s vision for Annapolis was presented, following introductory remarks by distinguished attendees.  Thanks to all!

Endorsement by Speaker Michael E. Busch, Annapolis' representative in the Maryland House of Delegates.
"Kurt is dedicated to our city. He's volunteered his time and expertise at every turn to improve Annapolis. He's the right choice to represent Ward 2 and help our next Mayor address the challenges facing our community."

Endorsement by Anne Arundel County Councilman Chris Trumbauer. "Kurt is a bona fide environmentalist whose expertise and policy knowledge will be a big asset to the City Council. He has helped to make our rivers and creeks cleaner and healthier and I'm proud to support his campaign to represent Ward 2.

Endorsement by Alderman Jared Littmann. "Kurt’s civic contributions are impressive, from his leadership on the Annapolis Environmental Commission, to the county’s Severn River Commission, to testimony before the City Council and its committees. Kurt will bring his intelligence, passion, and creative solutions to the City Council for the benefit of his constituents."

Endorsement by Alderman Ian Pfeiffer. "I have watched Kurt, as a leader of local organizations, make compelling, well-reasoned arguments for important environmental initiatives. I believe his deep expertise in science and technology, coupled with his desire to take on the tough issues facing our City is needed on the City Council.  The City will benefit greatly from his election to the Annapolis City Council."

I am honored by the Maryland League of Conservation Voters' endorsement in my campaign for a seat on the Annapolis City Council. This group of outstanding citizens has a long and distinguished record of encouraging the election of public officials who will act responsibly on the environmental concerns that affect our lives and those of our children.

Annapolis July 4 Parade! We marched in the parade, great fun and an annual tradition, pumping up parade watchers for Kurt Riegel for City Council.

Action Annapolis Social with the Candidates, 6-8 pm Wednesday 7 June at Harry Browne's Restaurant. This event convened folks like me who are running for office in this year's Annapolis municipal election. I met with attendees about my ideas, and heard their suggestions, for making Annapolis an even better place to live. This excellent organization has stimulated interest in the election and has provided useful information to voters. It was helpful to clarify the problem that many of us have with a defective paragraph in the city's ethics code.

Weems Creek. Our beloved creek faces a threat in its most sensitive headwaters. A multi-warehouse development is proposed that would fell 2/3 of the site's trees that now protect the creek from stormwater-driven sedimentation. Weems creek already faces large environmental stresses, and I'm working to see that this development won't make things worse. Read my Recommendations to the City regarding this development, and contact me if you'd like to help. Input and testimony will be needed from neighbors, before the planning and zoning department, and the Planning Commission. Add your voice in protecting Weems Creek.

Our official Campaign Launch was held 4 - 6 pm, Sunday April 9, 2017. It was amazing, wonderful turnout by wonderful people and enthusiasm is running high. Click here for photographs and video (coming) of the event.

Press Report: Kurt Riegel running in Annapolis' Ward 2 Again, The Capital, February 23, 2017

Seedlings. DNR is distributing free seedlings under its Backyard Buffers program. Use these seedlings to replace some of the many trees that have left us in Ward 2 over the years. For AA County the administrator is the Watershed Stewards Academy. They do not presently have trees for distribution but please sign up here to be put on the list for notification when the seedlings arrive. Pickup will be at Arlington Echo Outdoor Education Center. Posted 2/16/2017.

Nondiscrimination. I am proud of our city and our city council. On Feb 13, 2017 the Annapolis City Council did a good and brave thing as it passed O-1-17, Non-discrimination of Foreign Born Residents. Citizen turnout was the largest I’ve seen, and many spoke eloquently of a special need in this strange and troubled time for Annapolis to reaffirm its dedication to inclusiveness and fairness.

My thanks go to sponsors Littmann and Arnett, and to Alderpersons Budge, Finlayson, Kirby, and Pfeiffer who voted “Yes.” Voting “No” were Alderman Fred Paone, and Mayor Mike Pantelides who introduced a noxious "not a sanctuary city" amendment that was quickly recognized and rejected as a gutless dogwhistle to political forces mostly outside Annapolis.

Forest Conservation. A spirited and well-attend hearing on O-38-16, a No Net Loss amendment to the Forest Conservation Act, was held.with wholly supportive testimony. It will govern the extent to which tree removal must be followed by replanting, where and how much. It was referred to committees for further development. The Environmental Matters Committee of the council will meet in city hall council chambers 10:00 AM 2/24/2017.


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