Kurt Riegel for Alderman: Biography

Kurt Riegel is deeply involved in Annapolis civic life.

He's worked as a member of the West Annapolis Civic Association board to improve his neighborhood and better connect its residents, and participated enthusiastically in the many activities that make Ward 2 and Annapolis a wonderful place to live.

He has served on several city and county advisory commissions, and as president and board member of the Severn River Association, an organization devoted to protecting and restoring the Severn River watershed which includes Annapolis waters. He also served on Fort Meade's Restoration Advisory Board.

As a member on the Severn River Commission, he’s provided advice to the city of Annapolis and Anne Arundel County on how their actions can best preserve, protect and restore the Severn River watershed — and its tributaries like Ward 2's Weems Creek and College Creek.

He worked as a senior executive in several federal agencies. At the Department of the Navy he managed environmental and technology programs for the Naval Sea Systems Command and the Secretary of Navy. At the National Science Foundation, he headed the National Astronomy Centers to oversee major facilities in Virginia, West Virginia, New Mexico, Arizona, Puerto Rico, and Chile. At the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy he managed technical and policy research programs pursuing environmental and energy efficiency goals. He presently teaches a graduate level management course at Johns Hopkins University.

He is a scientist, undergraduate degree at the Johns Hopkins University, and graduate degree at the University of Maryland, College Park. He completed an executive development program at the Harvard Business School in general business management, strategic planning, marketing, and finance.

Many of his formative years were spent in Maryland. After professional assignments elsewhere, ranging from California to the Netherlands, he has always returned to Annapolis.  He is an avid sailor and treasures the special place that Annapolis holds as a boating community and springboard to the larger Chesapeake Bay.

He is married to Marieluise Riegel, a creative clothing designer and avid gardener. His three children, Tatiana, Sam, and Eden Riegel, are all accomplished entertainment professionals.



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