Kurt Riegel for Alderman: About Ward 2

Annapolis Ward 2 comprises the area in the map below, and incudes the following communities or general areas moving from north to south: Wardour, West Annapolis, Admiral Heights, Clay Street, and Germantown-Homewood .

Our Ward's registered voters have diverse backgrounds, talents, and aspirations. We span a wide spectrum of health, wealth and social status and we must always consider the needs of the most vulnerable among us.

Our history is rich, a recent portion of which is wonderfully chronicled in Pip & Zastrow An American Friendship (2008).

What is an "Alderman"? Your Alderman represents you on the Annapolis City Council, the city's legislative body responsible for enacting ordinances and passing resolutions. Each of our eight wards has one Alderman, a term coined in England but now mostly obsolete there.

The Primary Election is Tues. Sept. 19, 2017, and General Election Tues. Nov. 7, 2017. The turnout in the last general election was only about 40% of those registered. Click the following to find out if you are registered to vote and if not how to register.

Your vote, and the votes of your neighbors, really matter. Please let me know if you have difficulty in getting to your polling place, and we'll find volunteers to help. A good alternative is voting by absentee ballot.

Otherwise, vote in person at any of the three Ward 2 polling places, exact addresses and times open for voting to be listed here later. Click here or on the map below for a considerably more detailed map of Ward 2.


Ward 2 Polling Places

Precinct 02 - Trinity UM Church, 1300 West Street
Precinct 12 - Calvary UM Church,  301 Rowe Blvd

Transportation in Ward 2

Our transportation system comprises cars, parking, buses, bicycles, and sidewalks. While most residents now rely on the private car, there is a growing need for alternative modes that will bring our system into better balance. Sidewalk coverage, design, and mainenance are poor. Bicycle routes are few, disconnected from each other, and often unsafe. Transit is improving but is still short of what our community needs. Kurt is committed to an excellent system of transportation, balancing and improving all its necessary components.

Transit routes going through or touching Ward 2 include the Gold, Green, Purple, Red, Orange and Circulator lines. Route, Fare, and Schedule information is below.

Annapolis Transit Routes and Schedules


City of Annapolis Comprehensive Plan

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