Kurt Riegel for Alderman, Annapolis Ward 2  

Or send a check payable to Friends of Kurt Riegel to Bryan Barrett, Treasurer, 607 Monterey Ave, Annapolis MD 21401

Annapolis is a great town with wonderful people. Our challenge is to honor the best of our traditions, while also laying a foundation to enhance the quality of the lives of all our citizens. I am running for Alderman in Ward 2, bringing the knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, and energy necessary to achieve the following general goals for Annapolis:

Responsibility:  Nurture the financial health of Annapolis, through operating efficiencies, broadened and equitable revenue sources, and sound management practices, with appropriate priority to public safety.

Vitality: Annapolis succeeds best when our citizens love living here, and outsiders want to visit us. We must foster successful businesses, recreational amenities, attractive public spaces, a healthy environment, vitality in the arts, music and other cultural pursuits, and close cooperation between the city and its schools & colleges.

Mobility:  Business and community vitality depend on a transportation system that serves all our citizens. The system needs disciplined attention to all its components:  streets, parking, public transit, safe pedestrian/bicycle sidewalks and paths. Imagination and care will improve and balance a transportation system that serves us better.

During the campaign public issues will emerge to help define our opportunities, and problems that stand in the way of achieving the very best for Annapolis. I want your involvement in helping to influence our future. Please contact me and participate in meetings that I'll convene periodically, announced here on the Calendar & News page. The Support page has information on how to fuel the campaign and by providing input, hosting meet-and-greet gatherings, contributing to the campaign fund, and otherwise becoming involved personally.  

Together, we will make Annapolis into all that it can be.

2017 Annapolis City Election

Primary Election, Tuesday September 19, 2017. Registered Democrats can vote for Kurt.

General Election, November 7, 2017. Every registered voter can vote for Kurt.

Ward 2 Polling Places
Precinct 02 - Trinity UM Church, 1300 West Street
Precinct 12 - Calvary UM Church,  301 Rowe Blvd

Register to Vote Online
How to apply for an Absentee Ballot (coming soon)

KurtRiegel@gmail.com       307A Monterey Ave, Annapolis 21401     Cell 410.507.2999
                                                        ( Authority Bryan Barrett, Treasurer, Friends of Kurt Riegel )